'Bridge' is Dave's fifth release - a thirteen track album with a cleanly produced 'studio' sound, launched in December 2008 after more than a year in the making. It is the third using the musical and technical talents of son Mark, but now joined by backing vocalists Bobbie and Jo Pearson, Merle White, Gary Stephenson, Joe Ramage and saxophonist Phil Walton. Dave's hallmarks of strong melodies and lyrics remain very much to the fore. Dave says in the sleeve note "My hope is that this album conveys the experiences of an imperfect life lived in the knowledge of the perfect foundation - the bridge over all that may come our way. 'Lord, in the difficulties help me through. You're my foundation, let me stand on you'..."

Just as on 'Walk with the One', Matt Cope has come up with brilliant graphics that encapsulate the feel and message of the album. 



'Questions at Christmas' arrived in December 2005 - again with Mark at the helm, with Dave helping with final mixing. It is an 'extended single' containing three songs, plus instrumental versions of the same songs.

The lyrics ask searching questions concerning the Christmas message, and how we respond to its relevance in practice. What are we going to do at Christmas? Who have we told about Jesus since last Christmas?

The beautiful photography, artwork and computer graphics were prepared by friends Morven and Simon Neilson. 



Walk with the One' was Dave's third album, released in September 1999. It is very much the creation of son Mark, who (as a fitting end to his music degree) selected the songs, produced, and played almost everything you hear - including sharing backing vocals with Dave. Mark has used his huge musical talents to produce a contemporary, largely guitar-based album, with a 'live' feel, and excellent sound quality.

The title track describes how the life of the Christian should be one that involves God in every aspect. No matter where we go, or how we feel, He is there. It is in a way, Dave's musical representation of the famous 'Footprints'. All of the songs on the album are 'genuine', many based upon real experiences. The album gives an honest insight into the ups and downs of the Christian life. No matter how hard life may be at times, how 'world weary' we may become, a daily trust in God through His Son Jesus is the only answer.

The photography and artwork were specially done by Matt Cope of Ebenezer Arts. Dave was impressed with the cover of Matt's brother Danny's album 'Seven Times' and felt that he would like the same person to handle 'Walk with the One'. Matt came up with a brilliant result that very much represents the 'feel' of the album. 



'Solid Ground' was the follow-up to 'Let go, let God' and was issued in October 1990 on the LJMM label. Bob Cranham was again in charge and the major part of the recording was again done at Porcupine Studio, Mottingham, London, in July. Backing vocals and additional guitar were recorded at Northern Recording, Consett, in August. Final mixing took place back at Porcupine in September.

The title track tells the story of Dave's remarkable healing from a serious paralysing illness, Guillain BarrĂ© syndrome.

When Dave's illness was at its worst he was almost completely paralysed and was beginning to find it difficult to breathe. At that time he had a recurring dream that he was at the bottom of the sea, and that it was the pressure of the water that was making it so difficult to move. It reached the point where one night he felt as though God was ignoring his cries for help. The following morning, through the words of daily Bible readings book 'Living Light', God told Dave that he had spoken too soon when feeling that he was being ignored - and at that point the illness suddenly began to reverse. Dave imagined it as though God plunged His arm through the ocean, pulled him up to the surface, and stood him on 'solid ground' - on a small, rocky island. Dave's subsequent recovery was rapid.

A few months later on a visit to Bass Rock, North Berwick, Dave recognised it as being just like the island he had imagined. The picture of Bass Rock on the album cover was painted specially, by friend and artist June Drage. 'Solid Ground' is a powerful song describing God's intervention when someone is at their lowest, and has become a concert favourite 



'Let go, let God' was Dave's first album and became available in December 1985, with a simple blue printed cover. Shortly afterwards it was adopted by Bob Cranham's newly formed 'Bridge' label, and gained its striking artwork. Christian producer Bob had heard demos of Dave's songs, felt that they were worthy of an album, and offered to undertake the project. It was recorded and mixed at Porcupine Studio, Mottingham, London, during the November. The cost was met through gifts and loans from supportive friends.

Most of the songs were chosen from around 100 that Dave had written over the previous three years since beginning his singing ministry, although the title track had come about only a few days before recording was due to commence. At that time, Bob was singer Helen Shapiro's music director - and Helen agreed to contribute to backing vocals on the album. It was subsequent to this that Helen became a Christian and began her own Gospel music career.

By January 1986 the Dave Deeks Band had formed, and gave their first public performance of tracks from 'Let go. let God' at Brunswick Methodist Church, Newcastle. The band continued to perform during 1986 but then the time came for the members to go their separate ways. Dave continued with his solo music ministry. 

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