Dave's music meets with critical acclaim, being played all over the world including ...

Radio Incontro (Italy), CMAS (Malta) Radio Rheine Welle (Germany), SCAWC (Denmark), Just Country FM Network (New Zealand), Hot FM (Australia), Downtown Radio (Northern Ireland), BBC Radio Essex (England), Peelgrass Radio (Holland), Joyful Sounds (England), Christian Light Radio (Malta), Radio Terre Franche (Belgium), BBC Radio Shetland (Scotland), Frequence Mutine (France), Studio 18 (Northern Ireland), Radio RPEM-FM (Spain), Radio Theben (Austria and Slovakia)

Dave has won the admiration of countless peers and industry experts over the years for his unique musical style and creativity. He is available for interview and is happy to talk more about his music, his motivation and his faith. Please get in touch.

"Very underestimated singer/songwriter" (Geoff Howlett, NFN / BBC Radio Humberside, UK)

"Thoughtful and original poetic gospel poetry, well performed" (Paul Davis, NCM Executive, Broadcaster and Journalist, UK)

"Dave has skills that many secular artists would envy" (Christian Music)

'Lyrically, this album shines throughout.....a most enjoyable release' (Geoff Howlett, NFN / BBC Radio Humberside, UK)

'10/10 excellent!' (David Smith, Zany Sounds Promotions, UK)

'Unusual and interesting backing. Soulful' (Roger Hill, Journalist, UK)

'Traces of Garth Hewitt in Dave's voice. I liked this' (Wes Davis, Record Producer, UK)

'Contemporary' (Michael Carmana, Christian Light Radio, Malta)


'As soon as I started to play this album I heard Dave's very distinctive style coming through and I knew that it was going to be good. The production is excellent, from vocals right though to final production you sense it is the best it can possibly be. Dave Deeks and Bob Cranham have certainly pulled all the stops out on this! The songs are thoughtfully recorded with some really good and enjoyable arrangements. Everything on this album is relevant, all the songs have some message where you can hear God speaking, whether it's about non-Christians and their needs or Christians and their needs. There are some very catchy songs and I soon found myself singing along, even when I was only half-listening I found myself joining in.(Musicbase, UK)

'Powerful production, oozing with quality and promise' (Paul Davis, NCM Executive, Journalist and Broadcaster, UK) 

'Good message here' (Stan Laundon, Journalist, Spain)

Good clear Christian message (Michael Carmana, Christian Light Radio, Malta)

'Good voice' (James Pearson, BBC Radio Shetland, Scotland)

'Good listening - a modern, sophisticated sound, with well thought out lyrics. ..... I can't find fault with Dave's musical style and ability'.... Styles include jazz, rock, ballads, a touch of reggae and even one piece of near hymn-like quality. Is it true manages to convey the wonder the disciples must have felt towards the fact that Jesus had risen. Another high point is Fairytale. Dave has skills that many secular artists would envy' (Christian Music) 

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